Date: 27th of May, 2017

Location: Samaru, Zaria in Kaduna State

Some platinum interveners (Abdulazeez Abubakar and Saminu Samaila) went to an Almajiri school to take some records of 10 Almajiri , including their contact address at home where they come from, for a case study. We are working to take them back home, Get an Arabic class that is closer to their parents, engage them with hand work which will be done after their daily Arabic and western education classes, but most importantly, they will be under the care of their parents with PLATINUM INTERVENTION as a supervisory body. Mean while as we collect the datas, we gave them food and foot wears (which fall under our short term succour package) in other to achieve a longer term which shall be derived from the datas they provide.
They also faced some challenges as the Mallam (the teacher) could not give strong information and access to what the interveners wants, but that will not deter us.

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