Date:  Saturday 12th August, 2017

Venue: Almajiri Schools Located at Agwan Waje

Platinum Interveners Muhammad idris (Peace and Conflict Director), Abubakar saleh said (Director, internally displaced persons) introducing themselves at the border of Keffi city of Nasarawa state before engaging in the project to curb the almajiri cultural flaws by taking them away from the street and collecting their data

Meet Mallam Bako (an Almajiri teacher) as we interview him at his Almajiri school at Waje area of keffi. He has 55 almajiri children under his care. but their number have outgrown his pocket as such some of them had to go the street to beg to cater for themselves. He also narrated a story of an almajiri child that is now cripple as he was hit by a car while he was begging on the street. According to him,there are about 100 almajiri schools in keffi alone. He also stated that the almajiri system has changed compare to when they were kids, that were more moral, obedient and do not beg in the street unlike the present age Almajiris.
Below is one the interview with the almajiri teacher we translated into English

when we went to the keffi market to get them food and foot wears to make them comfortable in giving us the data we needed

Interview with some of the kids. Some told us they want to become a soldier, some said a doctor while one of them said he want to become a VIGILANTEE (dan banga) and we all laughed out loud. it was fun




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