Platinum Intervention Care Initiative got to New Kuchingoro Internally Displaced Camp in Abuja after the need assessment report carried out by their Director of Peace and Conflict and found out the primary healthcare centers were barely functional. The refugees said not only were there no laboratories available in the clinics, but medications were also non-existent save for paracetamol.

The living conditions of these internally displaced persons are so deplorable that it begs the question: where do all the funds allocated to rehabilitating these people go to?

Platinum Intervention Care Initiative and our team of volunteers were able to attend to some of their medical needs, dispensed drugs and some food materials, clothing and shoes. We also brought in some barbers and hair dressers to cut and make the children’s hair in time for the Christmas holidays. Hopefully with better funding, we will be able to do a lot more for them in the future.

Our profound gratitude goes to everyone who supported us in cash and in kind- especially to those who volunteered their time and services (we had a team of doctors, pharmacists, an optometrist, a microbiologist etc) to improving the lives of these people who, through no fault of theirs, lost their loved ones, homes amid properties in the hands of the terrorist group known as Boko Haram.


OCHEIDO, Blessing Mary

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