Blessing Mary Ocheido (Director General)

Blessing Mary Ocheido (Director General) is a young pharmacist and writer with a riveting passion for changing lives. She has been involved in a number of advocacy movements especially for people living with disabilities and disadvantaged women and children.

She strongly believes that everyone should be given a chance to achieve their best potential irrespective of tribe, race, gender, financial status, e.t.c

She loves to travel and explore cultures around the world. With a deep admiration for the arts, she spends her leisure time mentoring; reading and writing; developing and critiquing movie plots.

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Musa, Ayuba Abbah (Director of Almajiri affairs)

Musa, Ayuba Abbah (Director of Almajiri affairs) is a pharmacist, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian, a graduate of great Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, one of the premier universities in Nigeria. A passionate pharmacist to the core, who is driven by passion. He started his career as entrepreneur immediately after his college. As a graduate of pharmacy, he used his knowledge and passion to establiish his first  business and has made rapid carrier advancement in this field. Musa’s love for humanity makes him to offer free treatment to the vulnerable children (Almajiri) in the area. His compassion and willingness to help has gained him more popularity in the area, together with expertise in his profession. his dream and passion to help the vulnerable made him to join Platinum intervention April 2017 as the Director Almajiri where he is determined  to advocate for the  movement that will discourage Almajiri street begging, and finding a lasting solution to Almajiri menace in Northern Nigeria

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Dr Bisola Awotunde (Director of Medicals)

Dr Bisola Awotunde (Director of Medicals), from Ibadan, Nigeria, has over 3 years’ experience in medical practice with special interests in health policy and health care financing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery with a Master’s degree in Public Health in view.  She is also a Mandela- Washington west Africa regional leadership fellow.

Bisola has extensive work experience in preventive medicine through her various community health campaigns and health policy advocacy at the primary healthcare level with emphasis on women and adolescents, because this is a major pathway to sustainable development.

Growing up in a rural area, she saw several families become severely impoverished at the strike of an illness which fueled her passion about seeing a Nigerian where all individuals have easy access to quality health care through affordable health insurance and improved health policies.

Currently, Bisola is a Medical Officer in the health services department of a leading health maintenance organization where she ensures quality healthcare provision to their enrollees.

She is the director of medical interventions under the auspices of platinum interventions.

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Muhammad Idris (Director of Peace and Conflict)

Muhammad Idris (Director of Peace and Conflict) is a young man with interest in humanitarian aid delivery and conflict resolution in conflict affected areas; a Passion which was  inspired by his experience as a victim of conflicts and a One-time internally displaced Person.

He was born at Fegge Onitsha, Anambra State (South East Nigeria) where he spent the earlier part of his life before moving to the Northern Nigeria.

After graduation from High school, he went to study physiology from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in 2009. To him, life is beyond going to class every day and it is more about impacting lives.

This made him to begin the journey starting from student associations as Financial Secretary and President of Student Physiological Association of Nigeria in 2012 and 2013 respectively where he was awarded with the highest honor as the GREAT SON OF SPAN.

After graduation, he went for his national service at Gombe where he carried out a voluntary personal community development service at Gombe state prison yard by providing drugs and medical equipment, painting of the prison yard and renovation of the clinic. This earned him a state Award in 2015 by the Governor out 2000 Corp members posted to the State amid insecurity (boko haram).

He didn’t stop there, with the experience gathered during his service, he created an online platform where he mentor youth online on how to carry out community services and have impacted about 20,000 lives with the projects carried out by dozens of youths across Nigeria under his supervision.

Also, his passion for human right made him volunteer for Local and International Non-Governmental Organizations like Amnesty International where participated in a lot of campaign like Stop Torture, Forced Eviction, and Capital punishment across Nigeria.

In addition he was a member of Bring Back Our Girls Campaign group where he participated in several peaceful demonstrations/campaigns and was part of the team who led the parents of the Chibok girls to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari in 2016.

To fulfill his dream and satisfy his passion in reducing hunger and poverty in Nigeria, he joined an International NGO called Prohealth International where he delivered humanitarian aids to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp, including communities affected by Insecurity in the North.

As a community service enthusiast, he has affected lives of a lot of communities directly or indirectly by connecting them with aid donors through social media, some which include Kuchidna, where he helped the abandoned rural community in Nasarawa bring sponsors that dug clean water and brought medical aid to them as against the mud water they initially drink.

 He also volunteered and visited a community that kills twins and triplets in Kuje where he wrote their stories and published it which made 30,000 views in a day, an action that attract the attention of the public including potential philanthropist.

Most recently he helped a rural community of Zugurma in Niger state get access to Swiss grant that built their school and gave them water, courtesy of Livebridge foundation.

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